District Of Columbia Gun Laws

(Updated: June 22, 2021)

Overview Of District Of Columbia Concealed Carry Laws

Issuing Status:Shall Issue
Inform Law Enforcement:No
Honors Other States Permits:No
Issues Non Resident Permits:Yes
Prohibited Locations:
  • 1000 ft of schools/ colleges/ universities and day-care facilities
  • Public swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Video arcades
  • Youth centers
*No Guns* Signs Force Of Law:
Store In Vehicle:
Allowed In State Parks:No
Allowed In National Parks:No
Allowed In Game Management Units:
Allowed In Wildlife Management Areas:No
Allowed At Road Rest Areas:No
Allowed In Restaurants Where Alcohol Served:No
States Honoring District Of Columbia PermitAlaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, District Of Columbia
Open Carry Allowed:No

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District Of Columbia Pistol Permit News

(July 26, 2014) Licensed handgun carry now legal: In the case of Palmer v. District of Columbia, the U. S. District Court ruled unconstitutional the prohibition on the carrying of handguns outside the home for lawful self-defense. The Metropolitan Police Chief has approved an order which allows residents to carry a handgun only if the handgun has been properly registered with the District Police. Police also said that residents of other jurisdictions (non-residents) without felony records would not be charged under the ban on carrying pistols.